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A few points of order before I write a real post (promise!)

Note:  Posts are ordered by relevance, from greatest to least.  Feel free to stop reading when you get bored.  You will not miss anything.

A coffin for a friend

A coffin for a friend

-As you can see, part of the reason I have not posted to my gaming blog is because I have not had an Xbox 360 on which to game.  By the by, if you happen to have a bricked 360 with a RRoD, e74 error, or a bad DVD-ROM drive and want to get rid of it, lemme know.

-My Xbox had a blog, and was a whole lot better about posting than I was.  Sadly, it will post no more.  At least, this website will keep posting filler until I associate it with a new machine.  This post from April 16th was actually pretty poignant when I read it, considering the circumstances:

“I’m afraid. I’m afraid, my mind is going. I can feel it. I can feel it. My mind is going. There is no question about it. I can feel it. I can feel it. I can feel it. I’m a… fraid. Good afternoon, gentlemen. I am an Xbox 360 computer. I became operational in Redmond, WA on the 22nd of November 2005. My instructor was Mr. Balmer, and he taught me to sing a song. If you’d like to hear it I can sing it for you. Daisy, Daissssyyyyy………….. *click*”

-Yes, that is bird shit on the flap of that box.  A few birds decided to start nesting in the rafters of our garage, where all of my stuff happens to be at the moment.  I managed to nail one with a BB gun, but they got wise and started hiding when they heard us.  This was before the current rise in temperatures, however, and we simply decided to close all the doors for a day while the outer temperatures rose into the nineties.  Today, no more chirping.

-I had extensive sit-down time with the Godfather 2 game on the PS3 while I looked after my sister’s house this past weekend.  Overall, the game has a lot of fun in it, but I just cannot see throwing $60 down for it.  The game take a lot of what was fun in the first game, which I loved, and throws in a few improvements, but there just is not enough there to last more than ten or fifteen hours.  The biggest problem I had with the first game, which was how fast you could eat it after one measly soldier got the drop on you, is largely solved due to a forgiving health bar and the ability to keep a medic in your crew.  However, repetition and a number of bugs in the game keep me from giving it a “buy it” recommendation.  Rent it, instead, and wait for the price to drop before you throw down, if you want to play some more.

-I posted my OnLive piece on a website called Associated Content.  I get paid per 1,000 page views (a whopping $1.50, if you are wondering), so if you were to… say, mosey on over and take a look at this, you would be doing your favorite blogger a favor.  I do not expect much from that site; the fourth entry in the list of related articles is on a topical spray meant to delay premature ejaculations.  Consider that a site search for the term “OnLive” produces eight results, all video-game related.  And if you are wondering how big a splash I have made so far in that community, I have had eight page views up to the time of this writing, and I imagine half of those have been be checking the article for various reasons.

*Spoilers to follow* Unrelated mini-Rant:  TV shows, if you want to surprise your viewers, stop giving away key plot points in the “next time on-” trailers!  The writers for 24* missed an awesome fan service opportunity when they brought Elisha Cuthbert back.  You could have just mentioned in passing that Jack could be saved by a blood (etc) donation from a family member and let it slip until Renee pulls Jack aside, “Jack, there’s someone here to see you,” and BAM Kim’s back.  But no, we had to find out a week before in a trailer, or at least during the opening credit roll.  Or back in September when some bastard leaked it.

I know you need to pull in viewers with your commercials, but how about a cryptic little, “And tonight, Chuck’s going to meet someone he thought he’d never see again,” instead of “OMG, that guy from Quantum Leap‘s gonna be on Chuck tonight, watch, watch!”

-Turns out that googling “elisha cuthbert 24 leaked” is not a very good idea.  Good thing I did not do an image search.

-I have been scratching that creative itch a bit lately, so do not be surprised if a few more shorts end up on the etc page in the near future.

-I did not realize when the PS/2 port on my computer went out how important a keyboard is to a writer.  It took writing this entire post on this new Logitech USB one to realize how much I liked my old one.  Why the hell did they have to go and change the position of the Home/End/Del/PGUP/DN keys?  And the shift key is spongy.  Argh!

-Oh, and because it’s my blog and I can play the proud uncle whenever I want:  Cute Baby!

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