Thoughts and Incantations (v1,i1)

Fine, WordPress don’t update.  Dreamhost can just cut me off anytime they please for the sake of “security issues.”  I have got plenty of ideas for full articles right now, but tonight I just have a few short comments on a wide variety of subjects, and that is what you will get for now.

-Folk wisdom states (to paraphrase), “A man will pay twice as much for something, because he needs it.  A woman will buy something she does not need, because it is on sale for half price.”  Folk wisdom has never been on

-According to the many, many comments I must moderate from my fans in Russia, I have “the cooolest domain name”!

-If you are going to cast Jeremy Irons in a movie, for god sakes you better write some awesome dialogue for him.  Here is looking at you Appaloosa.

Street Fighter IV makes me sad.  Street Figher Alpha 3 came out over a decade ago, and is tied (with Guilty Gear XX) for my favorite 2d fighting game.  I thought that maybe it was just nostalgia building the game up, but I just checked the Wikipedia page for the game, and no, SFA3 rocked.  Capcom:  What the hell?  Why did you have to make the single-player AI fundamentally broken?  And no serious fighting game fan can stand to play online.  Shinku-ha–<disconnect>.

-The demos for Watchmen:  The End is Nigh and Wanted:  Hands of Fate had a couple things in common.  First, they are solid in the mechanics of their respective genres.  Second, neither seem like they will be able to mix the gameplay up enough to warrant a purchase.  That seems to be the conclusion of most reviewers for the Watchmen game.  We will see how things pan out for the Wanted game.

Command & Conquer:  Red Alert 3 for $10 is good.  The game has not broken any fresh ground for me as of yet, but it does certainly kick the WTF/cheese factor a few notches.  If the game makes more of an impression, I might write up a review for it.

-I am going to trade in Street Fighter IV for Resident Evil 5 on launch day (tomorrow, as of this writing).  This does not say so much about how excited I am about RE5 as how little I think of SFIV (see above).  I finally got through the first level of the demo on my third try.  Not a good game to play drunk.

Watchmen had an awesome soundtrack, though it does not hit quite as hard when listened to outside of the context of the film.

-Yes, they tweaked the ending, but in a way that absolutely made sense given the running time of the film.  Lower your Zack Snyder effigies.  The man did good by the fanboys, though I do think it will cost him at the box office.

-Malin Akerman (Silk Specter) is a fox.

-Do you think mouse and keyboard shooters are not a skill?  Try going a few years only playing console shooters (maybe with a tactical PC shooter, like Rainbow Six Vegas 2, thrown in at times) and trying to play Team Fortress 2 on the PC.  Gah, I was pathetic.

Final Fantasy Tactics:  A Tactical RPG with a wonderfully deep class system and gameplay, a smart, intriguing storyline, and crappy graphics.  Disgaea 1 and 2:  TRPGs with even better classes and gameplay, irritatingly childish storylines, tons of content…and crappy graphics.  See where I am going with this?

-Mixed drinks are like power-leveling for your alcohol tolerance level.  Say goodbye to being a cheap date.  I think it’s time for a refill.

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