February Update

Things have been a bit quite here lately, but hopefully you have noticed the tweaks I have made to the website.  For vague, esoteric reasons, I can’t discuss some of them, but do check out the new story in my Works/Links page.  It is a story I wrote for a writing group I had going with my friends a few months back.  Thanks to GoogleDocs to taking away all the trouble of hosting it.

Thanks, too to Jere, for ensuring that the first ad that appears on my website is for a vacuum.

Hopefully you will not have to wait long for my next post, and I plan on adding some of my favorite links to the Works/Links page as well, so you can see just how I go about wasting my time.

Finally, if you don’t like checking this website every day, I do have the RSS feed set up by WordPress.  Click on the orange icon in the top right of the website to check it out.  Just do not forget to stop by and check out the real thing every once in a while!

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