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My name is Daniel Clark, and I am a writer.  Not in the “actually had written stuff” sense of the word, just the “some kid looking for a job” sense.  I created this blog at the suggestion of a couple of local bigwigs in the game journalism industry.

I chose the username Scops during my senior year in high school because I wanted to be a fiction writer.  “Scop” is an Old English term for a bard or poet.  Before Christianity spread through Europe, death was considered to be the end of being, and so scops’ tales, by telling the tales of heroes past, were considered the closest thing to immortality.  I just added the ’s’ onto the end because it looked cool.

I have been holding game joysticks and pads for as long as I can remember.  Gaming really clicked for me with the Sega Genesis, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I can think of no better way to scrape together a living than to write about the games I love.

The Site

Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that the name of this blog is not Scops’ Blog, but Scop’s Blog.  This is not a typo.  This site is not just for me.  This is for anyone out there with a story to tell.  This is not just a gaming blog, it is a blog about gaming narrative.  It is too early to pigeonhole this site as just about stories though, so I will be posting on anything and everything else that strikes my fancy.

Gaming narrative is more than content put in games by developers.  It’s battle stories, too.  It’s the account of how you took down the final boss after you ran out of potions and arrows.  It’s a cautionary tale of trying to sneak up on a raider just to have a grenade bouquet fall on top of you.

It’s what happens to all of us every time we pick up a controller or put our fingers on the WASD keys.  Got a funny, amazing, or just plain epic story?  Send it to daniel@scopsblog.com with a subject line starting with “My Story”.  I’ll look it over and post the worthy ones.

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